Coming Home

I am on my way! Just finished a foot and shoulders massage at the airport. We are now all waiting to board our Hello Kitty plane and head to Taipei with so many memories of Ho Ch Minh City ( Saigon) and beyond.


Here’s my flight. Here’s my plane. And a few last pics.




Next stop San Francisco and then home sweet home. Thanks for coming along on my Asian vacasion!

Last Day!

We are busier today than two one armed wallpaper hangers. We plan to catch one last museum after we workout at the gym and clean up. I, personally, plan to eat Asian food all day long. I’ll post a few last minute photos tonight and I look forward to being home Easter Sunday.

image image image image image

image image

I’m going to miss Happy hour @ The Blue Gecko! It has been the Saigon version of the American TV show “Cheers.”

I’m coming home!

This trip is coming to a close and I have to say that I am sad. You know I love Asia, and Vietnam and Cambodia did not disappoint. I am borrowing a bit from an advert, but here goes.  If you visit SE Asia you will leave your comfort zone. You will learn to LOVE  fish sauce. You will drink iced tea instead of water and all your ice must have a hole in it.  You will learn to say, Pho and it rhymes with duh. You will drive yourself mad bringing home the best local products and memories. You will eat and eat and eat. You will drink beer with ice. You will laugh your ass off daily.  You may even use a bum gun, but you will not want to  go home!

I’ll add photos in the morning from today. Good night. Sleep well. Alex tells me our kitty, Samantha is acting up. I guess I better come home.😘